Quality landscaping increases the value of your property and enhances quality of life.


Years of experience have taught us which plants, shrubbery and trees will thrive in Virginia's climate. We know which plants are at lower risk for problems with pests, disease and adaptation, and we'll guide you toward the right mix for your property, depending on factors such as color, design, shade and ease-of-maintenance


Creative Artistry

For over 13 years, we've brought American ingenuity coupled with European flair to our local landscape projects. Using our artistry, creativity and comprehensive knowledge of landscape and garden trends, we'll create for you an outdoor haven you'll love coming home to, or a commercial site that nets second looks and satisfied clients. What's more, you can feel 100% confident letting us handle the ongoing maintenance and care of your elegant landscape investment. The expertise and dedication of our professionals will work for you to keep your landscape looking as gorgeous as it did at the very beginning.


Area Of Operations

Shear Scapes is the leading landscape design company in Prince William County, Virginia. We excel at providing you with getting the most enjoyment from the outdoor spaces of your personal home or commercial environment.

We work extensively throughout the I-95 corridor, from Alexandria, VA to Fredericksburg, VA specializing in both residential and commercial projects of varying sizes and demands. Among our clients: Hotels, Storage Facilities, Restaurants, Real Estate Corporations, Homeowner Associations, Credit Unions, Moving Companies, Boat/Marina Facilities and Non-Profit Organizations.