Shear Scapes, Inc. uses only the finest materials available for your landscaping and garden projects. From topsoil to gravel, from pavers to flagstone, from shrubbery to perennials, we source products from reliable, first-quality suppliers to withstand this region's selections, many of whom are local companies with whom we've partnered with for many years.

Let us put our expertise to work for you in designing the residential landscape of your dreams. Perhaps it's a restful sanctuary that makes use of a variety of aesthetics; it may be a lush, private and fragrant retreat you'll naturally gravitate to after work and on weekends It might just be a child-friendly lawn with plenty of room for family playtime and neighborhood barbeques but with a tiny corner you'll claim as your own for lazy afternoons of reading and sipping iced tea.

Enhance Your Property

  • Residential

    Homeowners must understand the importance of maintaining and making improvements to their individual investment. Landscape projects recapture over 80% of the project cost in increased home value. Even with all the housing market issues, investing in your personal real estate with landscape improvements is still a solid long-term plus point. Let Shear Scapes help you with basic curb appeal – a new sidewalk or pathwalk, for example, that will freshen the first impression your guests have of your property as they pull into your driveway.

  • HOA Services

    Today, more than ever, Homeowners Associations (HOAs) are facing the challenge of economic issues that affect their management, specifically foreclosures that create vacant properties. No Prince William area neighborhoods—established or upscale—are immune to the rise in delinquent dues. Smaller developments are even more vulnerable.

    It is so important to hold on to the investment of the neighborhood and its property values, as it has taken years to reach the level of maintenance and quality of service. Let Shear Scapes work out a contract for basic grounds maintenance and services that fits your budget.

  • Flora

    As part of our annual maintenance agreements, we provide annual flowers two times a year. For example, we provide begonias in late May and pansies in October. We select these types of annuals because they possess color and maximize your investment in your beautiful landscaping. The times of the year we find work the best for flora switches are at the end of May for the summer installation and the end of October for the winter months. We have found that these times of the year work best for these types of flora because at the end of the warm weather the begonias are in need of replacement with the pansies. The pansies will take you through the fall, winter snows and return to shine their little faces to the warming sun of the springtime.

  • Commercial

    Commercial clients in the hospitality arena—malls, hotels, restaurants and other retail environments—are working through the economic challenges of lower occupancy rates. We are dedicated to working with our clients to see them through these difficult times and move all of us forward safely to the other side of these economic issues.

    Now is the time to re-examine value and weigh whether the growing trend to contract out professional landscaping is right for you. An in-house landscaper can be quite costly while lacking quality, efficiency and knowledge of the green industry changes. A professional landscaping company, Shear Scapes stays current with green industry trends.

  • Mulch

    In the late 1990’s we began the search for a vendor that could provide consistent quality with timely delivery. We found our vendor in Maryland with product in Pennsylvania and Canada. Our mulch is bagged that allows our workers and clients to be free of debris and glass. Bagged mulch is cleaner and reduces the bulk mulch pile that is an eyesore. We have hardwood shredded mulch and red mulch. Our mulch is free of pesky critters. Clients from time to time have special projects that require bulk mulch. We can provide bulk mulch upon request.

  • Annual Maintenance
    Our maintenance agreements include these options:
    • Landscape Design Division (LDD): spring and fall mulching, summer and fall flowers, weeding, summer cleanup and leaf removal.
    • Tree and Shrub Division (TSD): The Tree and Shrub Division is our newest option for 2009. This Division provides tree and shrub treatment.
    • Lawn Care Division(LCD): Our Lawn Care Division includes a specific lawn maintenance plan, lawn treatment, core aeration and seeding, and dethatching.
    Safety and Security One of the first signs criminals look for is a home that is not well maintained. With your notification, Shear Scapes is happy to make an extra visit if you are out of town.

    Payment We offer a 12 month budget plan for all final maintenance agreements. We offer MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express for your convenience. We provide our Senior clients and military excellent rates and additional services at no cost. There is a plan just for you.